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Digi2 Plan

Digi2 Plan, will measure your home and provide a CAD generated floor plan of the layout of your house for potential buyers. Or if there is an available Blueprint by the client or Real-Estate company, we will redraw the entire floor plan, which will allow us to establish a Visual Graphical Floor Plan, complete with a list of selling features, gives your home an edge over the competition. Save time by giving legitimate buyers an architectural rendering of your residence, prior to the infamous walk-thru. Now prospects can have a visual record of your home's unique layout.

Buyers can now see your home prior to setting an appointment. Prices are on an hourly basis or per sq. ft., we provide you with 100 quality copies and a distribution container that you can hang on your yard sign. Extra copies as needed can be obtained with one phone call or you can make your own extra copies. Get an advantage by showing your home to buyers on demand. A graphic floor plan is a visual tool that can help sell your home faster. Our Professional team can help you sell your home with this unique marketing tool.